Teen Wolf | Season 4 | Episode 8 to 12

Malia is still angry with Stiles, but even more angry at Peter that seem to want something from her. Kate makes her intentions known and attacks the group several times in the last few episodes. We discover that Meredith got her instructions from a comatose Peter years ago. Malia and Stiles find the machine that runs the program and all kills are cancelled. Dr. Deaton introduces us to a secret wing within the mental institute Malia and Stiles resided in for a few weeks earlier this season. Full of dangerous supernatural beings. He his trapped in a coma and only Lydia could pull him out. We learn that the ultimate goal Peter was seeking was killing Scott. Derek’s powers continue to diminish and we are led to believed he has died in the season finale. Kate turns Scott into a Berserk and only his Beta was able to snap him out of it. Derek resurrects into a reborn Wolf and attacks Kate. She manages to escape.


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